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Posted 14. 02. 2022

In February 2020, the UK saw a record-breaking rainfall amounting to 155mm in just one month – the wettest month since December 2015. Armed with this information, we should be aware of flood preventative measures to ensure our properties stay dry and flood-free this month.


Simon Crowther, Founder of Flood Protection Solutions Ltd is an award-winning Civil Engineer and Chartered Water & Environmental Manager, recognised by Forbes Magazine in their top ‘30 Under 30′ Europe list for his work in the industry.


Simon is commonly known as The Flood Guy within his industry and is a leading specialist on flooding in the field. Simon has received the trademark for ‘The Flood Guy®’ and he cannot wait to showcase his skills and do his new title proud.


Says Simon, “For years people have referred to me as ‘The Flood Guy’. At an awards event last year, a Sky News producer came over to me and said ‘ohhh you’re the flood guy.’ The penny finally dropped, and I decided to trademark and brand myself as ‘The Flood Guy®’ as it does really best describe my role.


As a 2007 flood victim, I’ve made it my mission to help raise awareness of flood risk and subsequently reduce that risk. I’m excited to announce the launch of ‘The Flood Guy®’ as I am hoping it will raise further awareness and ensure we are best placed to offer leading advice.


I’m also hoping the title will make engineering more relatable and promote an increase in STEM uptake through our outreach work.”


Simon is no stranger to television and is regularly featured by media outlets and recently featured on a Channel 4 documentary investigating the likely impact of climate change on the U.K. – A Summer of Wild Weather.


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Sole UK distributors of the Water Gate Barrier

The Water-Gate barrier from Megasecur is used in 36 countries around the world. As the sole UK distributor of this flood barrier, we distribute the product across the entire country. The Water-Gate barrier is highly innovative and easily deployed, offering one of the fastest deployment of water
barriers available. Access to emergency vehicles and other vehicles is not compromised as the barrier can be driven over.

The Water-Gate can be shaped around corners and on uneven surfaces, offering flexible protection, and can be joined to create any length. The barrier can be supplied in crates to make deployment of long lengths extremely rapid.
It is cost effective, comparing particularly well with sandbags, especially as it is reusable.

The material used is recyclable and the Water-Gate is reusable making it extremely environmentally friendly.
The barrier is resistant to a long list of chemicals and has been independently tested. It is widely used in pollution control.

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