Flood Civil Works & Installations

Flood defence installations and landscaping.

Following a Site Survey, it may be determined that some of the best ways to reduce flood risk can be through simple ground works, or other landscaping means. Here we can use our trusted contractors to reduce flood risk. We also offer installation of our Aluminium Flood Barriers nationwide.

The image to the right shows a recent project where a basement was subject to flooding due to water running off the street and down the external staircase, inundating a store room. Along with installing flood barriers, we re-profiled the step to reduce overland flow from flooding into the basement.

We also can install anti-flood airbricks, along with Sump & Pump systems.

flood step

The image to the right shows a ‘Flood Fence’ which we installed. The fence system followed a risk management approach and was designed with foundations to resist overturning from water. Whilst it will not be 100% watertight, it should improve the property’s flood protection.

Flood Fence

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After 4 floods in 16 years, the Water-Gate Barrier was used in November and December 2012. The relief when it prevented what would have been a 5th and 6th flood was enormous. The best part is the piece of mind that follows.

Pam, Nottingham Resident

I would not hesitate to recommend Flood Protection Solutions, a very professional and detailed service.

Neil, Hebden Bridge Resident

The service that was provided was very good, communications were excellent, and they dealt with our issues in a very responsive and professional manner.

Trevor Palmer, Sellafield Ltd