Drainage Design

Drainage Design

At Flood Protection Solutions Ltd we work with leading engineers and consultants, enabling us to offer a wide range of consultancy services including drainage design.

Drainage design is often overlooked, however when designed effectively, can be key at reducing flood risk. Following on from a site survey, further works including detailed drainage designs to mitigate the flood risk may be recommended.

In certain instances, it is possible to record the site catchment and use computer software to model rainfall events and ensure drainage capacity is designed to cope with intense storm events.

Where suitable, this approach can drastically reduce flood risk.

The management of water will become increasingly challenging as the population increases, more construction occurs and weather events become more extreme.

The management of water affects every one of us in our day to day lives, whether it is water to wash with, drink, or dealing with rainfall or waste water, the managing and processing of water is vitally important.

Please see below a snapshot of some of the services we offer:

Sustainable Drainage

Below ground drainage design:

• Foul water drainage networks
• Lab water drainage networks
• Surface water drainage networks
• Specifying Foul Pumping Stations for developments
• Private drainage diversions
• Public drainage diversions i.e. Section 185 agreement works (with local water authority)
• Drainage build over agreements (with local water authority)
• Soakaway sizing and design
• SuDS design

• Specifications for infiltration testing
• Specifications for CCTV Drainage surveys
• Pump and emergency storage sizing
• Existing drainage network capacity checks and reporting
• Pre-development applications (with local water authority)
• Section 106 applications (with local water authority)
• Drainage strategy reports

We can also assist with Civils Designs & Coordination, including:
• Below ground utilities coordination
• Diversion of existing utilities i.e. relevant consultation with owner of utility
• Design of Pavement construction build-ups for hard-standing areas, roads etc.
• Levels design for hard-standing areas, roads etc.
• Section 278 agreement works (works to existing/public highway)
• Earthworks design i.e. cut and fill analysis

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After 4 floods in 16 years, the Water-Gate Barrier was used in November and December 2012. The relief when it prevented what would have been a 5th and 6th flood was enormous. The best part is the piece of mind that follows.

Pam, Nottingham Resident

I would not hesitate to recommend Flood Protection Solutions, a very professional and detailed service.

Neil, Hebden Bridge Resident

The service that was provided was very good, communications were excellent, and they dealt with our issues in a very responsive and professional manner.

Trevor Palmer, Sellafield Ltd