Weatherstop Flood Barrier Seal

FPS Weatherstop Strip Flood Barrier

Low level surface water flooding is prevalent in the U.K and is usually caused where the volume of rainwater does not drain away through drainage systems or infiltrate into the ground.

Large expanses of hard paved impermeable areas in built up towns and cities has exacerbated the problem. Often there is limited advance warning of surface water flooding due to its localised nature. Having a passive system in place to give added protection can therefore be greatly valuable as they help protect against the damage and upheaval that even low-level flooding can cause.

Flood Protection Solutions Ltd are a leading distributor of the Weatherstop flood barrier strips which are ideal to help protect against surface water flooding.

floor seal


  • Garage door floor seals
  • Kerbs to protect stairwells, entrances, gateways
  • Diverting water
  • Containing low level floods
  • Passive flood protection
  • Creating a threshold


  • High Quality
  • Recyclable
  • ‘Passive’ (i.e once installed does not require human intervention to work)
  • Easy to install
  • Offers protection of up to 50mm
  • Supplied as a complete kit with adhesive
  • Different lengths available

The floor seals are made from a high quality, flexible and fully recyclable thermoplastic. Unlike rubber, our material does not lose colour in extreme sunlight, carries no odour and does not become brittle in prolonged contact with water. The seals are secured to the floor using specially developed adhesive and sealant, which provides a water-tight seal between the threshold and the floor. Supplied in both 40mm and 50mm heights, the barrier kits are ideal for low level flooding.

The kits are supplied complete with everything to need to install and can be fitted by anyone with a basic level of DIY skill, and the results are instant.

The flood barriers also prevent leaves, dust and debris from being blown under the garage door, thus ensuring a clean and dry environment.

The flood barrier threshold seal may also be used as a flood diverter between a doorway and/or across a driveway.

The kit includes:

  • Weather Stop flood barrier section
  • Black adhesive cartridge(s) (290ml)
  • Fitting instructions
garage door seal
50mm flood seal
flood barrier

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