WP Water-Gate

Water-Gate WP Barrier

The WP barrier is designed for flood control, but for occasional use, ideal for residential situations. The WP is the lightest model, but does need ballasting bags along the front edge so takes longer to deploy than the rapid WL.

WP Water-Gate


  • Flood mitigation


  • Lightweight (Range starts at just 4.1kgs)
  • From just £490 + VAT
  • Cover a driveway for less than one door barrier
  • Reusable
  • Cost effective
  • Compact to store
  • Barriers can be joined together

Models Available


WP Water-Gate Size Diagram
WP Water-Gate
Model Height/cm Length/m Width/cm Weight/kg
WP 1415 35 4.5 142 4.1
WP 1430 35 9.1 142 6.8
WP 2030 50 9.1 190 10.3
WP 2630 67 9.1 246 13.8

WP: Designed for flood control. For occasional use, ideal in residential situations. The WP is the lightest model, however it does require slot in ballast bags along the leading edge, so it slower to deploy than the WL.

  • Very resilient polyethylene fabric
  • Stretched partitions providing better adherence
  • Polypropylene straps to lift the ends during specific installations
  • Polyester netting sewn into the water barrier, allowing the insertion of weights or small ballast bags to weigh the barrier down
  • Small polyethylene bags that can be filled with sand
  • Extra resistant polypropylene straps to facilitate handling
Diagram of WP Water-Gate

In action


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After 4 floods in 16 years, the Water-Gate Barrier was used in November and December 2012. The relief when it prevented what would have been a 5th and 6th flood was enormous. The best part is the piece of mind that follows.

Pam, Nottingham Resident

I would not hesitate to recommend Flood Protection Solutions, a very professional and detailed service.

Neil, Hebden Bridge Resident

The service that was provided was very good, communications were excellent, and they dealt with our issues in a very responsive and professional manner.

Trevor Palmer, Sellafield Ltd