Water-Gate Training

Water-Gate ‘On Demand’ Training

At Flood Protection Solutions Ltd we have invested heavily in the latest technology with an eLearning portal to provide ‘On Demand’ training. We’re really passionate about helping as many people as possible, and we believe our ‘On Demand’ training is unique in the flood protection industry.

The training is ‘on-demand’ and delivered via eLearning, it is also supported by our User Guides. The online aspect allows teams to fit staff training in around busy schedules and replay them, unlike classroom-based courses. The eLearning has been launched to make Water- Gate training easily accessible from anywhere, at any time, on any device with internet access.

It can also be revisited as many times as required. It is even mobile friendly, so if you’re out in the field, you can quickly re-watch a section. This programme was created to make training easily accessible.


  • 24/7 Accessibility
  • Enhances leaner engagement and retention
  • Enables collaboration
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Mobile friendly
  • Time saving
  • Cost effective
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Adam Bayliss, Team Member at the Environment Agency recently explained that:

“The E-Learning package is a really good tool to supplement the training scenarios that we run. It will ensure our teams have access to the best possible training to effectively install temporary flood defences to protect people and property. The ‘knowledge check’ and interactive element of the package is a real plus point, it ensures that the training is re-enforced and understood.”

The training includes step-by-step video tutorials of different aspects of the Water-Gate barrier and its uses.

We believe the ‘On Demand’ training is unique in the flood protection industry. The portal includes step-by-step video tutorials of how to safely and successfully deploy Water-Gate barriers. This is great for organisations, as staff can be trained easily, leading to confident and efficient deployment. A record of which staff have completed the training can also be made. The portal means training can be revisited as often as required, and even accessed via mobile devices.

Training is important in flood water. One of the most important reasons are the associated risks involved, which include waterborn contaminants, and the effects of depth, current and flow. There are a number of infections that can be encountered, including hepatitis and Weil’s disease. It is vitally important that you recognise the symptoms of these and that you wear adequate PPE if you are working in or near flood water to reduce the risk of infection. Did you know you can be vaccinated against hepatitis A and B? There are a number of training providers that provide Water and Flood Awareness training which are also recognised by the Environment Agency and are DEFRA compliant.

Our training is available online at www.fpstraining.co.uk

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As part of our mission statement and ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility, we are proud to offer this eLearning free of charge to residents and community groups. Please contact us for a voucher code.