Water-Gate Barrier

The Water-Gate is a temporary flood barrier which is unique in the way that, once rolled out, it self-deploys.

It uses the weight of the water to hold the water back. The water lifts the top of the barrier whilst at the same time weighing the base down, forming a seal. By utilising this unique self-opening method, it reduces the time, effort and number of people required to install it.

We believe the system can provide an efficient and effective fast response resource when dealing with emergency response situations.

The flood barriers are already used by homeowners, water companies the Environment Agency, and anyone with assets to protect.

Water-Gates have recently been awarded FM approval.



  • Easy to use
  • Quick to deploy
  • Compact to store
  • Affordable
  • Reusable
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Cost effective
  • Tested by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Can be driven over
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Barriers can be joined together
  • On demand training available


  • Flood Mitigation
  • Express water diversion for burst pipes
  • Creating temporary cofferdams to create dry working area
  • Containing / recycling fire water run-off
  • Containing chemical spills on land or in water
  • Containing sewer flooding
  • Pollution control on land or in water
Water-Gate Cross Section

Depending on the model, the weight exerted by the water is up to four times more in the vertical than in the horizontal, thus ensuring the security of the barrier on the ground. It has been designed and tested to work on surfaces including gravel, grass, asphalt and more.

Models Available

The Water-Gate is available in four styles: WL, WP, WA or WT. The barrier codes are as follows:

First two letters indicate the style of the barrier (WL/WP/WA/WT).

First two numbers are the height of the barrier (in inches).

Last two numbers are the length of the barrier (in feet).

Water-Gate Size Diagram


Why Water-Gate?

  • Durability – The Water-Gate barrier is reusable and can be cleaned to avoid cross-contamination. The estimated longevity of the product can be over 20 years when used occasionally and/or for short periods of time.
  • Chemical Resistance – Water-Gates are also suitable for containing chemical spills on land and have been tested by an independent chemist using commercial solvents.
  • Warranty – We pride ourselves on offering a three year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Quality – Water-Gates are manufactured in Canada by Megasecur International using the latest technology, by highly experienced staff.
  • Brand Your Barriers – Thanks to Megasecur International’s continual investment, we now have the ability to brand customers barriers with company logos. Please contact us for a quote.


Water-Gate barriers take up limited storage space and can be loaded into a vehicle for transport to site. Singular barriers come in a roll for easy storage and quick deployment. Barriers can be supplied pre-joined for rapid deployment of long lengths, in made to measure boxes. Depending on the size, the boxes can be supplied on wheels or moved by forklift, pallet truck or trailer.

Water-Gate Flood Barriers
Rapid Deployment Crate

FM Approval

FM Testing

In September 2015, the Water-Gate WL Flood Barrier was awarded FM approval, a worldwide accreditation.

This was following extensive testing by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The barrier was subjected to a full riverine test, along with factory inspections, where all the individual components and processes were inspected.

The Water-Gate was tested as a Temporary Barrier and obtained Silver certification from FM Approvals. Products with FM Approval are recognised around the world as temporary flood risk reduction products.

The Water-Gate has proved itself to be an effective tool in both real life situations, along with extreme testing. WL39, WL50 and WL60 barriers are accredited.

Cost Comparison with Sandbagging

It is a common misconception that sandbags are a cost effective method of flood defence.

Sandbags are often used as a defence method for flooding, but their success is questionable at best. In Sir Michael Pitts review of the 2007 floods he states ‘The review was unable to obtain any significant evidence that sandbags were particularly effective during the 2007 summer floods”.

Sandbags can be used effectively as weights, but surely it is time to embrace the newer, proven Water-Gate barrier?

Sandbagging vs Water-Gate

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What our clients say

After 4 floods in 16 years, the Water-Gate Barrier was used in November and December 2012. The relief when it prevented what would have been a 5th and 6th flood was enormous. The best part is the piece of mind that follows.

Pam, Nottingham Resident

I would not hesitate to recommend Flood Protection Solutions, a very professional and detailed service.

Neil, Hebden Bridge Resident

The service that was provided was very good, communications were excellent, and they dealt with our issues in a very responsive and professional manner.

Trevor Palmer, Sellafield Ltd