FloodMate Kits

FloodMate Kit

The FloodMate includes a range of items, provided together in a kit for an emergency flooding situation. The kit includes a choice of high quality water pumps, complete with hose, fast coupling connectors, and Hydrosacks.

The kit is provided in a lightweight carry case and includes equipment to help protect your home or business from flooding.

Floodmate Kits

What pumps are included with the FloodMate?

There are four different types of pumps that are available with the FloodMate kits. This is to help against a wider range of flooding issues that you may have. You can select either a submersible or engine driven pump depending on which kit you choose.

You have two submersible pumps to choose from:

  • APP BPS100 Submersible Puddle Pump
  • Tsurumi LSC1.4S Puddle Sucker

The two engine pumps to choose from are:

  • Honda WX10
  • Tsurumi TEM 25H

The submersible pumps are designed for situations where an electric power supply is available and can place the pump directly in to the water.

The engine driven pumps can be used where there is no power supply available. As these run on petrol they can be used in isolated locations and would be placed near to the problem water and not directly in to it. These are not used indoors as they emit exhaust fumes.

The kits which include engine driven pumps also include a residue pumping adaptor so that the petrol pumps can also pump to very low depths of water.

Water Pump In Action

Why would I need a FloodMate?

You will only know the true devastation a flood in your home can cause if this has happened to you.

There can be so many different causes of flooding, many that you may not be aware of until it’s too late. It is not just severe rain that is a cause as many people think. It can be anything from burst water mains, blocked drainage, overflowing stream or rivers, or even groundwater flooding from the natural water table of your land.

Problem water may be able to enter your home or property through basements, doorways or backed up drains.

The FloodMate includes components to help protect against flooding in as many ways as possible.

Examples of how you would use this product

If your garden is flooding and the water level is rising up against your door, you simply place the water pump in to the flood area. To make this easier you are supplied with a specialised delivery hose that has an integrated coil to ensure the hose does not kink or compress and cause the flow of water to stop. This allows you to remove the trouble water to the nearest safe location. The Hydrosacks could be used to divert water or protect against low level flooding.

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