WA Water-Gate Flexible Cofferdam Barrier


The perfect tool to save time and preserve the environment whilst keeping costs low.

The WA barrier is specially designed to be installed in watercourses. It can be used to create water reserves in rivers and brooks.

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Water-Gate flexible cofferdams are used by contractors and site managers for their efficiency, simplicity and versatility.

Use to create areas to repair structures, underpinning, reinforce river supports, repointing, restoring ecological continuity, removing log jams, renovating bank, draining feeder canals, etc.

Works in water – rivers – canals – ponds. WA Water-Gates can be used in a variety of situations. Uneven ground increases friction and thus the stability of the dam. Care is required when using the dam on muddy ground. On a concrete surface, we recommend using the WL range of flexible cofferdams, rather than the WA range of cofferdams. On a sandy surface, you must bury the leading edge to limits the effects of piping erosion.


In Water-Works

The Water-Gate is a temporary water barrier which is unique in the way that, once rolled out, it self-deploys.

It uses the weight of the water to hold the water back. The water lifts the top of the barrier whilst at the same time weighing the base down, forming a seal. By utilising this unique self-opening method, it reduces the time, effort and number of people required to install it.


There are a range of sizes available to suit different applications.
WA Water-Gate Size Diagram

• Dam small rivers or streams
• Create a dry working area
• Create a water reserve to enable high volume pumping
• Control pollution spills in watercourses

• Can be converted to a flood barrier by adding ballast
• Quick
• Economical
• Reusable
• Works on a variety of surfaces
• Envirornmentaly friendly

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Please note if the barrier is in stock, delivery is usually within 1 week, however if it requires a factory order this can take 4 weeks. Please contact us if you wish to confirm delivery dates.

We have a small hire fleet. Please contact us at enquiries@floodprotectionsolutions.co.uk if you would prefer to hire a barrier.

If you are not sure which model you require, please contact us, we can offer site visits to assess requirements.


Model Height/cm Length/m Width/cm Weight/kg
WA 2815 71 4.6 246 15.20
WA 2825 71 7.6 246 24.10
WA 2835 71 10.7 246 34.10
WA 2850 71 15.2 246 46.70
WA 3930 100 9.1 404 65.10
WA 3950 100 15.2 404 108.70
WA 5030 130 9.1 526 92
WA 5050 130 15.2 526 153
WA 6030 150 9.1 610 106
WA 6050 150 15.2 610 174.30


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Please note the images represent the WA range and are designed to showcase the different sizes and uses, they may not represent the size of model selected.

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WA 2815, WA 2825, WA 2835, WA 2850, WA 3930, WA 3950, WA 5030, WA 5050, WA 6030, WA 6050

September 4, 2018