Medium Community Flood Kit

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Our medium flood kits are ideal for communities to reduce their flood risk.

This kit includes:

2 x Water-Gate WL1430 barriers

2 x Tsurumi LSC1.4s Puddle Pumps with 10m pipe each

1 x Flood Emergency Kit, supplied in waterproof bag

12 x Hydrosnake packs (2 snakes in each pack)



Our medium flood kits are ideal for communities. They include a range of products to improve resilience to flooding. Flooding is the biggest threat to the U.K as a result of climate change, with 1 in 6 homes at risk of flooding. This kit includes 2 x Water-Gate WL1430 barriers, 2 x Tsurumi LSC 1.4S Puddle Pumps with 10m of pipe each, and 12 x Hydrosnake packs and 1 Flood Emergency Kit, supplied in a waterproof bag. Details are provided below:

THE WATER-GATE BARRIER is a temporary flood barrier which is unique in the way that once rolled out, it self deploys. It uses the weight of the water to hold the water back. Benefits Include:

  • Quick to Deploy
  • Re-usable
  • Portable
  • Easy to Store

LSC 1.4S TSURUMI PUDDLE PUMP & 10M PIPE. TSURUMI are the manufacturer of the LCS1.4S puddle sucking pump. The manufacturer offers a 3-year product guarantee as standard, giving the added reassurance that you will get a product that is built to last. The LCS1.4S is capable of pumping water down to just 1mm with a flow of 170 l/min, making it the perfect choice of pump. The LSC 1.4S is commonly used for flood control.

HYDROSNAKES are easy to store alternatives to sandbags, making them perfect for communities. When activated the Hydrosnake covers 120cm, making it ideal for low level flooding at warehouse doors, sports fields, and properties etc. 2 per pack.

FLOOD EMERGENCY KIT. All communities in flood prone areas are recommended to have a flood kit prepared. The flood kit should be stored in a suitable and accessible location to be ready in case of flooding. Our flood kit is supplied in a waterproof bag that floats when sealed with sufficient air space present.

  • 1 waterproof torch including batteries
  • 5 waterproof lightsticks – safe light in all conditions
  • 1 wind-up radio
  • 1 waterproof tarpaulin groundsheet/cover
  • 1 anti-bacterial hand sanitizer
  • 2 emergency foil blankets
  • 2 re-usable PVC rain poncho
  • 1 drinks bottle 1000ml for use with purification tablets
  • 50 water purification tablets
  • 1 Long life emergency food 2500cal
  • 1 long life emergency water 500ml
  • 1 orange safety whistle
  • 1 dry bag

Price: £5250 + VAT


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August 29, 2018