Government Announces £5000 Flood Grants - Flood Protection Solutions

Posted 25. 11. 2019

£5000 UK Flood Grant Funding:

Please contact your Council to establish if you are eligible, and to apply.

At Flood Protection Solutions Ltd we can assist with the site surveys, design, supply and installation of defences.

The government has announced that flood-hit homes and businesses may be able to receive up to £5,000 to help protect them from future flooding.

The grants, which will be made available through local authorities from the end of November onwards, will help homes and businesses to become more resistant and resilient to flooding by helping to pay for a range of property improvements.

The main difference between flood resistance and resilience is that resistance aims to prevent water entering a building, whereas resilience aims to reduce the damage that is done when water enters a building, and speed up the recovery process.

The funding can be used towards the costs of installing flood resistance measures such as flood barriers and water pumps, or resilience measures such as raising electrics above the flood level.

The grants will be open to homes and businesses that have been seriously affected by flooding this autumn, including communities in South Yorkshire some of which experienced a month’s worth of rain in a single day during the week of 4th November.

What to Look Out For?

With the sudden influx of funding into the sector, we are concerned that companies may set up to capitalise on this, resulting in poor advice or installations. It is therefore vital to ensure you work with a reputable company and obtain high level advice on how best to spend the grant funding. The Association of British Insurers recommend that flood surveys are only carried out by Chartered Surveyors or Civil Engineers. Unfortunately, we are aware of companies where this is not the case.

Working with Flood Protection Solutions Ltd

At Flood Protection Solutions, we pride ourselves on our expertise and customer care.

We were founded in 2012 by Civil Engineer and 2007 Flood Victim Simon Crowther. Since formation we have made it our mission to reduce flood risk, both at home and overseas.  Flooding causes devastating damage, and at Flood Protection Solutions Ltd we know all too well what this is like, having suffered extensive flooding of our home in the summer floods of 2007 before we had a Water-Gate barrier.

Having experienced the trauma of being flooded, we are passionate about helping prevent others from going through the same upheaval, expense and stress that we suffered in 2007. We are a team of qualified and highly experienced specialists with over 50 years’ combined experience in flood protection, on both residential and commercial properties.

With an extensive customer base of over 3000 clients, and voted as a Top 100 Small UK Business, we are leading the way for flood protection. Whether that is through high level advice, consultancy, designs and risk assessments, or through barriers, pumps or civil works.

We work across the whole of the U.K and overseas, with clients including the Environment Agency, Thames Water, and the NHS.

Next Steps:

To register your interest in accessing the £5000 flood grant, please do not hesitate to contact us at We can discuss the mitigation measures available, and assist with obtaining the grant and implementing flood protection measures which are suitable for the risk, construction, and client requirements.


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Sole UK distributors of the Water Gate Barrier

The Water-Gate barrier from Megasecur is used in 36 countries around the world. As the sole UK distributor of this flood barrier, we distribute the product across the entire country. The Water-Gate barrier is highly innovative and easily deployed, offering one of the fastest deployment of water
barriers available. Access to emergency vehicles and other vehicles is not compromised as the barrier can be driven over.

The Water-Gate can be shaped around corners and on uneven surfaces, offering flexible protection, and can be joined to create any length. The barrier can be supplied in crates to make deployment of long lengths extremely rapid.
It is cost effective, comparing particularly well with sandbags, especially as it is reusable.

The material used is recyclable and the Water-Gate is reusable making it extremely environmentally friendly.
The barrier is resistant to a long list of chemicals and has been independently tested. It is widely used in pollution control.

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