Flood Protection Solutions | Featured in the Prestigious Small Biz 100 List

Posted 31. 10. 2018

Flood Protection Solutions, has been selected for this year’s prestigious Small Biz 100 list. The initiative features small businesses and self-employed people from across the UK, focusing on those who work with other small businesses and support their local community.

We’re incredibly proud of this latest accolade as we operate in a small niche. Flooding affects 1 in 6 homes across the U.K, yet 67% of people do not know their flood risk. We hope by bringing Flood Protection into the mainstream it will help raise awareness and drive individuals and companies to be prepared and mitigate against the devastation that flooding causes. It also helps showcase just how passionate we are about what we do. At Flood Protection Solutions we know all too well what it is like to be flooded, our Director’s home was flooded back in 2007 before they had any flood defences.

Small Business Saturday showcases each of the 100 companies on different days on the countdown to the 1st December. Our ‘day’ is the 4th November. For the last five years, the 100 have not only received exposure on Small Business Saturday’s social media channels and in the local and national press, but also joined the Small Business Saturday team in London at receptions in both Downing Street and The Treasury Drum with the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

We’re incredibly passionate about our work, and the map below shows some of the residents, businesses and agencies we have helped over the last 6 months. (Unfortunately, the software would not let us enter postcodes abroad!).

Flood Customer Map

At Flood Protection Solutions Ltd, you’re in safe hands. Few companies can claim to have met Royalty and Politicians through their work, along with being Mentioned in the House of Commons and winning awards across the Country. Alongside this we are featured in many media outlets including both Sky and BBC News, helping advise on flooding and work to reduce flood risk across the U.K.

If you have any concerns about flood risk, or perhaps are looking at fire water runoff or even in-water-works, please do not hesitate to make us your first port of call. We’re here to help and work together to create great mitigation plans.

Our SBS100 success has been featured in Business Link.


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Sole UK distributors of the Water Gate Barrier

The Water-Gate barrier from Megasecur is used in 36 countries around the world. As the sole UK distributor of this flood barrier, we distribute the product across the entire country. The Water-Gate barrier is highly innovative and easily deployed, offering one of the fastest deployment of water
barriers available. Access to emergency vehicles and other vehicles is not compromised as the barrier can be driven over.

The Water-Gate can be shaped around corners and on uneven surfaces, offering flexible protection, and can be joined to create any length. The barrier can be supplied in crates to make deployment of long lengths extremely rapid.
It is cost effective, comparing particularly well with sandbags, especially as it is reusable.

The material used is recyclable and the Water-Gate is reusable making it extremely environmentally friendly.
The barrier is resistant to a long list of chemicals and has been independently tested. It is widely used in pollution control.

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