Property Flood Resilience – Nottinghamshire

Posted 15. 07. 2021

Flood Protection Solutions Ltd were instructed to conduct a flood survey at a property in Nottinghamshire, which had unfortunately been flooded three times since it’s construction in circa 2002.

The survey was conducted by one of our in-house qualified and insured flood risk professionals who investigated the risk, construction, drainage and client requirements, before compiling a full and detailed report.

Following on from the report, we were asked to supply and install mitigation measures to help manage and reduce the risk to the property.

This included:

• Aperture protection: flood barriers. (The rails were powdercoated to be as discreet as possible).

• Waterproofing: repointing & masonry cream applied

• Backflow protection: non-return valves to sewage and 40mm waste water valve installed

• Pumping capacity: high powered EVAK Residox puddle pump

The client expressed how pleased they were with the quality of the work.

At Flood Protection Solutions Ltd, we are passionate about reducing flood risk, thus we are delighted to have been part of the journey of minimising the future risk for the property and the residents. As part of the project, the residents have signed up to the Environment Agency’s free flood warning service, which should issue a warning allowing them time to deploy the mitigation measures.

Being flooded is a horrible experience, and minimising ingress here will help ensure the property can be more resilient to future floods.


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