Listed Building Flood Mitigation

Posted 15. 07. 2021

As part of the DEFRA funded flood resilience grant schemes, Flood Protection Solutions Ltd provided surveys and mitigation options to various properties around the U.K.

One of the projects involved a Grade 2 listed property, where the rear entrance sat much lower than the rest of the property. Whilst some migration did occur through the walls, the main entrance point was a set of French doors. The client’s conservation officer wanted the mitigation measures to be inobtrusive, and was happy to approve a flood barrier if the rails were powdercoated. This was implemented and demonstrates that flood barriers need not be an eyesore.

The property was also repointed in areas, and had not yet been repainted following this before the image was taken.

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Sole UK distributors of the Water Gate Barrier

The Water-Gate barrier from Megasecur is used in 36 countries around the world. As the sole UK distributor of this flood barrier, we distribute the product across the entire country. The Water-Gate barrier is highly innovative and easily deployed, offering one of the fastest deployment of water
barriers available. Access to emergency vehicles and other vehicles is not compromised as the barrier can be driven over.

The Water-Gate can be shaped around corners and on uneven surfaces, offering flexible protection, and can be joined to create any length. The barrier can be supplied in crates to make deployment of long lengths extremely rapid.
It is cost effective, comparing particularly well with sandbags, especially as it is reusable.

The material used is recyclable and the Water-Gate is reusable making it extremely environmentally friendly.
The barrier is resistant to a long list of chemicals and has been independently tested. It is widely used in pollution control.

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