Water Pumping

Water pumps or flood pumps are often overlooked by flood companies. At Flood Protection Solutions, we always highlight the importance of water pumps. No matter what type of barrier you use, a certain amount of water will almost always seep into the protected area (even through brick walls), or in the case of rain, fall behind a barrier.

As part of our extensive consultancy work across the UK, we realised many people had previously purchased the incorrect style of water pump which would not work as expected in a flood. To combat this, we launched www.floodandwaterpumps.co.uk to make great products and advice available, with a next day delivery service.

Water pumps are of paramount important in any flood defence scheme.

Water pumps may be required for several reasons:

  • Wet ground that becomes impermeable
  • Small cracks in the ground
  • Sewage pipes
  • Unbalanced water pressure due to a flood
  • Groundwater rising
  • Rainfall
  • Seepage

Our Work

A puddle pump can be used internally to reduce the water level in a property when used as part of a resilience scheme, reducing any damage to the property.

At Flood Protection Solutions Ltd we donated a puddle pump to the Cumbria Flood Resilience Showcase, and our founder Simon Crowther is shown here with Mary Dhonau OBE, discussing the benefits of a puddle pump in flood resilience:

The same principle can be used for basements that have flooded. This is a common occurrence but living with a wet basement or cellar can be miserable and costly. A pump could be used to keep the water level down.

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