Flood Control

Flood Control

We are passionate about reducing flood risk across the U.K, and are on a mission to raise awareness of the impact flooding has. Flood Protection Solutions Ltd was founded after the flooding of our home in 2007, and subsequently defending It in 2012 with a Water-Gate barrier. We have huge empathy with other flood victims, and have become well known for our expert advice and working with communities.

Flooding is the biggest threat the U.K faces as a result of climate change.

Did you know that 67% of people in the U.K are not aware of the flood risk of their own home, and 40% of businesses do not reopen after an event such as flooding. Being flooded is horrible, filthy brown water devastates the ground floor of your property, and insurance claims can run into tens of thousands of pounds. You are likely to be displaced for around 9 months whilst repair work is carried out. By planning ahead, you can minimise the risk of this happening to your home.

We aim to help reduce the upheaval, expense and stress that flooding causes. Whilst it is not possible to prevent all flooding, the risk can be mitigated against.


Examples of our flood mitigation services and products can be found below.

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Flood Protection Solutions Ltd has grown into one of UK’s leading flood defence companies

We support homeowners, businesses, agencies and councils across the UK in an effort to help prevent damage from flood water.

Flood barriers are a popular flood defence method, and can be far more effective than traditional sandbags. These barriers often consist of a shield that can be fitted onto a doorway when necessary. They can help to reduce the amount of water that enters a residential or commercial property during a flood. There are a range of flood barriers available including building aperture barriers (such as door guards), permanent barriers (i.e a wall) and temporary/demountable barriers such as the Water-Gate barrier. We specialise in supplying temporary flood barriers, along with water pumps.

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What is it like to be flooded?

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We are one of the UK's leading flood defence companies

The Water-Gate barrier from Megasecur is used in 30 countries around the world. As the sole UK distributor of this flood barrier, we distribute the product across the entire country. Temporary flood barriers such as the Water-Gate can be very useful for large organisations as they do not require fixing to a wall or the ground. This means the same barrier can be used in multiple locations on different days. The barriers are versatile so could be used as a flood barrier one day and to contain pollution the next. This makes the barriers incredibly cost effective and can bring efficiency savings. The flood barrier is portable and deploys within minutes. It has been tested by the US Army and been awarded FM Approval.

After 4 floods in 16 years, the Water-Gate Barrier was used in November and December 2012. The relief when it prevented what would have been a 5th and 6th flood was enormous. The best part is the piece of mind that follows.

Pam, Nottingham Resident

I would not hesitate to recommend Flood Protection Solutions, a very professional and detailed service.

Neil, Hebden Bridge Resident

The service that was provided was very good, communications were excellent, and they dealt with our issues in a very responsive and professional manner.

Trevor Palmer, Sellafield Ltd