6-Week Internship for NTU Graduate - Flood Protection Solutions

Posted 18. 02. 2019

At Flood Protection Solutions Ltd we are aware that flood control is indeed a very niche sector. There are very few companies or individuals in the sector, and we are passionate about maintaining a high level of expertise across the U.K. As a result, we often support the next generation of Engineers and Consultants though our work with Tomorrow’s Engineers or supporting the Arkwright Scholarships Trust. Today we welcome Lewis Edwards, a Nottingham Trent University graduate as an intern for 6 weeks. Lewis is passionate about flood risk management and his dream job would be working at the Environment Agency. We hope that during the 6 weeks we can share some of our expertise and experience with Lewis, giving him a launch pad into his future career.

Below we have a few words from Lewis so you can get to know him a little better:


Flood Project Solutions Internship

Who am I?

Lewis Edwards

I am Lewis Edwards, a recent BSc Geography (Physical) graduate from Nottingham Trent University. Throughout my course I have covered a wide variety of modules linked to flood risk including Applied Hydrology and Fluvial Geomorphology. I have undertaken a wide variety of volunteering for organisations such as the Bradgate Park Volunteers and Leicester Environment Volunteers which have increased my interest in Environment Management. 

What started my interest in flooding?

An interest in flooding started at GCSE when I began developing an understanding into the impacts that flooding can have on places around the Great Britain and the social, economic and environment costs that come with it. This interest was deepened more in first year at university where I worked as a group to come up with possible management solutions to reduce Flood Risk in Southwell, Nottingham for the Southwell Flood Forum. My Dissertation also involved studying this area and investigating flood risk management options.



Flood Protection Solutions Ltd Internship

I am delighted to have recently commenced a six-week internship and I look forward to working with Flood Protection Solutions Ltd over the coming weeks. I hope to gain and develop a greater understanding into flood management approaches to help mitigate flood risk, along with how management approaches have changed.

As part of this internship I also hope to learn more about how people are directly affected by flooding and the longer-term impacts that this has. I am also interested to learn how resilience forums and community gatherings are helping to change peoples’ responses and opinions to flooding, and the way in which flood risk is dealt with. 


As always, we are very grateful for your support as our clients, allowing us to support the next generation.

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0115 9870358.

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